Abandoned to God.

How much of your heart is surrendered to God?

all in all

I can vividly remember the season of my life when God took me by the hand and walked with me on the hidden path of true consecration. Not long after starting my journey, I’ve realized that a life of abandonment to God is one of radical surrender, not mediocrity and halfheartedness. He expects everything from His followers because He is worthy of our everything. As soon as compromise makes its way in our heart and we fail to deal with it accordingly, we start missing out on the beauty of living in purity of heart. Instead of enjoying an intimate communion with God we are pulled farther and farther away from Him and more and more entangled in the trap of worldly pursuits. God is never found among those that cowardly live out their Christianity. He is the God that  won’t share the throne of our heart. We wither let Him have it or miss out on the amazing blessings of His lordship. Yet, even though God is holy, He is also gentle and patient with those that sincerely seek to pursue Him with all of their heart. There is no such thing as partial surrender in God’s eyes and that is the reason why such few people experience a vibrant and passionate relationship with Him. God’s anointing is a blessing that is placed upon the heads of those that have given up everything in order to follow Him. So many of us would like to live in the fullness of God’s destiny for us but we will never experience that without truly consecrating our lives in prayerful surrender and wholehearted obedience to the Bible. An abandoned life is one that turns away from the loud voice of the culture and the hurried pace of life. We are in such desperate need to hear the voice of God in the midst of so many voices that scream in our ears on a daily basis. If we are not willing to put every effort into allowing God to redirect our lives towards the path that leads to life, we will live a self-focused and defeated existence. God is more than able to empower us to live in the fullness of His Spirit but He reserves that for those that are willing to turn away from the sinfulness of the world in order to consecrate themselves fully to Himself. Oh, dear soul! Come out of the dark shadows of compromise! Abandon yourself to God and you will find the secret to abundant life!!!

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