The Christ in Christmas.

Looking beyond the festivities this season.


What is Christmas? Is it the lights, the gifts, the carols? Or maybe the joy on the people’s faces as they look at exquisite decorations? Could it be the snow that covers everything in white beauty? It’s really neither of these. I have found Christmas to be so much more than all the noise and preparation that goes with it that I decided to turn away completely from these earthly distractions that have such a power of pulling the heart away from the essence of Christmas. I still find it so tragic that you can be a part of so many activities during the Christmas season and still miss the meaning of it all- Christ. Not just Christ in the manger with the figurines depicting Mary, Joseph, and the wise men that came to see Him; but looking even beyond that to what it actually means. Humility, sacrifice, love. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate Christmas motifs and when I see the nativity scene something inside me rejoices because there are less and less expressions of the real meaning of Christmas but don’t let the glittery exterior rob you of the real thing this Christmas! As I’ve been reflecting on the holiday season and made an effort to pull away from every distraction that the world manufactures, I have found Christ. His extravagant humility as He chose to do the will of the Father, to enter our world to know what it’s like to be human, but also to show us what Christianity really looks like when it’s lived out. I have felt the overwhelming joy of fixing my eyes on Him alone when everything around me screams for my attention and I have exclaimed yet again, Christ is enough! Opening my heart to only the things that depict the wonder of His birth and keeping the focus on Christ and the truth about Christmas have caused me to find Jesus in such a real way. Everything else paled in comparison. The decorations are only insignificant elements that if not kept minimal can actually steal from the splendor of heaven. The things that carry weight in God’s eyes and He places importance on are not those that capture the eyes but those that change the heart. They are not seen with our carnal eyes  but can be seen in faith while walking in obedience. It’s the hidden that matters and we need to dig deep to find it. We have Christ, Light from the very Light of the universe- God, and that is absolutely enough! When the world needs artificial light to experience the joy of Christmas, we need to point them towards The Light. The carols we embrace should cause the world to feel ashamed for choosing Santa as the counterfeit because truth instills life to those who listen while lies bring death. It’s not about giving and receiving gifts as much as it is about giving Christ the place of honor inside our heart. He came softly and humbly but He requires everything of us. Turn away from the noise and sparkle of the world and look to Christ alone this Christmas and you will find joy unspeakable!

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