The Lord Is My Shepherd (2).

He makes me lie down in green pastures.

still waters

Verse 2 goes on to say, He leads me beside still waters. My life’s journey hasn’t been easy. I know we all go through hard seasons, but based on the calling God has for us, some of us might suffer more than others. Time and again, God allowed me to go through times of insult, ridicule, and fierce opposition from places I would least expect. I used to question the purpose behind it all and to even resent it. Yet, God continued to allow all this kind of suffering in my life for a purpose. Through years of pain and striving on my part to be loved and appreciated, I started to see just how blessed I was that God chose me to walk this road- the forgotten road of humility. As He continued to open my eyes to the beauty of suffering unjustly and of bearing an insult patiently, I started to desire to humble myself and to see it as my greatest privilege. You see, life with God is not all green pastures and still waters because then we could never be changed into who God wants us to be and we would fail to bring Him the glory He deserves. But, how blessed it is to experience green pastures and still waters in the midst of the desert- where it seems like you’re all alone and no one seems to value the gifts God gave you. I can truly say that He makes me lie down in green pastures in the midst of life’s hardest circumstances. I have found rest when my soul was bent down by the burden of self because He taught me to take His yoke of humility and gentleness. He leads me beside still waters by showing me that I can find refuge in Him no matter how great the storm. His voice is the still whisper that guides me and as long as I listen to it- no matter how hard it might seem to obey at times- I will find rest for my soul.

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