The Lord Is My Shepherd (3).

He restores my soul.

path of righteousness

The rest of verse 3 days, He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Our souls can never be restored without walking in the right path. As of late, I used to wonder what I was missing in my walk with God. I was wondering why my soul felt far from being restored. I know we shouldn’t live based on our feelings but I knew something was off. I wasn’t walking in the right direction. It took much frustration and failed attempts to turn unto the right path but God recently proved to me that He is the restorer of our souls. He led me in paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake. Little by little, He showed me the steps I needed to take so I can walk freely again. It’s not that the path of righteousness is easy but it does restore our souls. It is the path of light and truth. It gives clarity, fulfillment, and peace. It’s a path we should strive to follow daily and we should never question whether we are alone on our quest. God leads us in His paths for His Name’s sake. It’s not because I deserved it. I am often stubborn instead of obedient and I choose my own path. You know what makes me long for His? The lack of joy, the burden of self, and the stumbling in the darkness. Yet, before I even dare look the other way- He is there leading me. For His Name’s sake. And I am restored yet again.

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