The gift of a new year.

Why we should make resolutions and keep them.


I used to dislike new year resolutions. I think it was probably because I failed to keep them most of the time. But what if we make resolutions and actually keep them? As I’m seeking to understand that we just started another year, I can’t help but be confronted with the fact of new possibilities. You see, the year that just passed simply slipped by me. Sure, I know that time flies and we simply can’t stop it, but I don’t want to live this year the same way. That’s why today I understand the importance of treating each new year with the respect it deserves. We need to understand that we are not to go through the motions of life but we should live life carefully, making the necessary changes so we can walk more and more fully into the destiny God has for us. Each new year is an undeserved gift and what better time to deeply review our lives than now? Lately, I’m becoming so increasingly aware of just how subtly we can drift away from the things that matter most in life and how easily we can lose the heavenly treasures we once possessed. It can even happen accidentally. We don’t even have to be careless but we might unconsciously be unprepared. That’s why we so need to revise our lives as we start each year and also every day of the year we entered so we can make sure that we don’t miss the presence of God and His guidance in our lives. Have you made any resolutions this year? Sometimes it’s best to start small, like simply fight to spend time with God daily through reading the Bible and prayer. Or maybe you want to pray fervently this year about a specific request until you receive the breakthrough you’re seeking. I’m not sure what your resolution(s) look like but I do want to encourage you to make the necessary changes because this is what will decide how your year will turn out. It’s of such absolute importance that we take this time at the very beginning of the year to quiet ourselves and ask God to show us how we might’ve missed what He had for us last year. I don’t know about you but I am ready to live this year differently and I want to seek God’s strength so I can carry out my resolutions. I’ve always wanted to live a life that counts but I know that in order to make a difference I need to choose to live differently. How will you better prepare for this year?

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