Hidden miracle.

Choosing the right response to disappointment.

miracles are everywhere

Nothing tests our faith in God like disappointment does. We cringe at the thought. If we had our choice, we would choose anything but disappointment, but life seems to hand them our way quite often. Is it just ‘life’ or is there a providential Hand that carefully allows heartache in our lives for a purpose? I am going through a period of disappointment at the moment and it took me a while before I was able to push any negativity out of my mind. It’s because when we are disappointed we become confused and question the heart of God. If He is good like He promises, then why is He allowing evil to flourish in the world? I don’t claim to have a clear answer to this question but once I’ve quieted my heart before God and with trembling hands I placed my fate at His feet, He yet again started to uncover the hidden miracle of seasons like these. I simply can’t place the blame on God’s carelessness because throughout my life, He has allowed me to see that pain is allowed into our hearts for a purpose and as we come out on the other side we will become more like Him as a result. It’s the divine way of helping us to die to ourselves and to allow Him to truly be God in our lives. We need to be very careful in the midst of our disappointment not to allow it to steal our trust in God. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be honest with God about our doubts but it does mean we should be silent enough to allow Him to speak. Ecclesiastes 5:2 ESV says, Be not rash with your mouth, nor let your heart be hasty to utter a word before God, for God is in heaven and you are on earth. Therefore let your words be few. In any circumstance of our lives, we are called to give God the respect He deserves. He is in heaven and we are on earth, so let our words be few so He can speak through our circumstance and teach us whatever He sees fit. Taking a walk and listening for His voice is a very practical way of allowing God to speak in the midst of our confusion. Don’t turn to other people for wisdom, search the Scriptures for the light you need and God will reveal what you need to do next. Something else I found to help me during my disappointment was turning my attention from my own voice by opening my heart to the words of God spoken through a Biblically-sound book. Dealing with disappointment the right way doesn’t happen quickly. It takes time and effort but the healing is sure. Lately, I’m starting to see the hidden miracle during my current circumstances. I am becoming more aware of my need to humble myself and to apply myself wholly in living out what the Bible says. Psalms have been a great encouragement to me but also a means of guiding me towards God’s holiness. God is at work in every season of life and His providence is always present. We might not always see it but it is there. Will we trust even when we cannot see? Miracles will start taking place.

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