Silencing the voice of our heart.

Are you leaning on God for insight?


I tend to forget to look back. I forget how far I’ve come so often. It’s as if I’m entitled to the life I live or to the blessings that so abundantly surround me. My natural inclination is to stare blankly at life in a frail attempt to find the spark in this moment. Our hearts lead us astray but we need to constantly turn away from our voice so we can hear the voice of God. We will never have the wisdom to look at our lives with the right eyes but if we are aware of our incapability and look to God for the strength we need, our lives will take on a whole new meaning. In times of testing, we find it almost natural to turn to God. My mind takes me back to years ago, during an especially dry and hard season of my life when I used to cry out to God on a daily basis. It was simply the natural response to my circumstances then. God surely brings times of refreshment into our lives but our hearts are always like the driest of deserts because of our desperate need for God. In times of ease, when the last thing we are inclined to do is to cry out to God, if we choose to do so and acknowledge our insufficiency, we will find a new dimension to our relationship with God. It’s a place so many people never get to because they live their lives content with the state they’re in. We should be content in every circumstance but we should never be content until we find our heart so close to God that we can hear what His own heart beats for. He wants us to always be hungry for Him and to seek Him in the midst of the monotony of life. He alone can give us the insight we need to live the present moment not based on what our heart tells us but based on what we should tell our heart. We need to pursue God and His plans for our lives especially when we feel like they are but a distant dream. How our own hearts deceive us! Blessed are we if we learn to lead our hearts. So, during this season, I’m discovering that I have so much to be thankful for. My life alone is a miracle. God delivered me countless times and He keeps on doing it. We should celebrate victories but the greatest victory of all is our defeat of self by the power of Christ! Today, I’m looking back and tracing the hand of God across the years. How far the Lord has brought me! What would our lives look like if we were left all on our own? He is here in this moment and even though His hand is sometimes working in mysterious ways, He is always at work. Do you know what God is saying to you during this season of your life?

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