A wise heart (2).

Learning to number our days.

It’s hard to put into words what it truly means to learn how to number our days but as we continue to look at how we can gain a heart of wisdom, I am prompted to write about the importance of trusting the sovereignty of God. As mentioned earlier, it’s important to give our best time of the morning to God and as we do that, we need to also believe that God can be trusted with our lives. A new year doesn’t always align with our desires and dreams and the seasons of life are often dry and painful. We often feel forgotten by God and the pain we experience can make our hearts bitter. How do we walk wisely during moments of despair? How do we make every day count when our steps are filled with disappointment? When I first came to know God, it was through a very terrifying season of my life. He allowed me to become stripped of everything I had ever known so He could remake me. It wasn’t what I would’ve chosen for myself but after I came out of that period of intense trial, I was thankful I had gone through it. Time and again, God chooses to shape me during such seasons of brokenness. As the years pass by and I come out of each difficult season, I learn to trust that His hand is at work in the dark moments not just in the joyful ones. The more we pursue the will of God in our lives, the more we will realise that it is the exact opposite of what we would choose for ourselves. Countless times I resented the very pain God was allowing in my life to yield my will more and more to His and I’m still learning to submit to His work and to trust that He knows best. It’s never easy but if we seek with all of our being to have faith that God is working all things for our good, we will allow Him to shape us into who He wants us to be. Sometimes things get harder instead of getting easier and we kick and scream inside but our reactions are nothing but the dying of our self. How faithful God is in carrying this out in the lives of those that truly desire it! May me and you choose to be faithful to Him no matter what the future holds. Let’s make a covenant with our heart today that we will never stop trusting God and that we will choose to welcome His sovereign will for our lives. He is the Weaver that uses both golden and black threads to create the tapestry of our lives. Since God allowed me to see the beauty of the death of self, I made it my greatest desire to be true to this high calling. It has been a hard but worthwhile road as God continues to teach me what it truly means to do His will. Even though following His will is the exact opposite of what we would want or choose, it is the most fulfilling way of living. While others live for themselves, God wants to enable us to live on the heights of humility and to taste of the beauty and freedom of selflessness. As we embrace God’s will every day, we will walk into the glorious destiny that He has for us and the days of our lives will count for eternity!

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