A wise heart (3).

Learning to number our days.

In this short series, we took some time to look at Psalm 90:12 which says, So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. We saw how important it is to make God the priority of our days and that we need to trust His sovereignty even when our days seem difficult. Lastly, let’s take a look at another important aspect that will help us live every day wisely in 2020. As I sought God’s wisdom for the conclusion of these past few posts, I became burdened by the importance of our daily pursuits. What do we spend our time thinking and doing? What are the things that we spend most of our energy on? The answers to these questions will lead us to what we treasure in life. There are so many things that we can do today, from browsing Pinterest to checking our feed on Facebook. If we don’t spend our time online wisely, we will become consumed with the things most people are concerned about today- our self-image or the next entertaining thing. Even if we are careful about who we follow on these platforms, what we will most likely find will be attractive pictures with verses on them or bits and pieces of scattered wisdom. It’s good to relax for a few minutes a day by spending time online, but we must be careful about allowing this to become the focus of our day. We are called to give God our full attention, and we can’t really do that by scrolling mindlessly. You see, He wants us to sacrifice our time and energy on seeking Him and to come away from the noise of the world. We will become what we treasure. The world teaches us to search frantically for beautiful things, be it clothes, accessories, or makeup. God wired us to seek beauty but not the temporary kind. As we cry out to God to give us wisdom, we will understand more and more what are the things that He values. The world searches for meaning in visible things but we are called to treasure the invisible. We are called to lift our gaze every day towards heaven by focusing on what is eternal. We can do this by meditating on Scripture, praying in our mind during our daily activities, and by taking the time to journal daily. Thinking about a Bible verse is a powerful tool that will help us think wise thoughts. Even during work, we can pray little prayers that will keep us focused and dependent on God throughout the day. Personally, I’m finding that if I write my thoughts or prayers daily, I will be more focused about my daily walk with the Lord and it also brings clarity and purpose to my days. May we never let the world keep us from the treasures of heaven! Prayerfully and carefully, may we seek wisdom above everything else this upcoming year! Lord, teach us to make every day count in Your sight, amen.

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