A moment of stillness (20).

His eye is on the sparrow.

But God was watching over the Jewish elders. These men wouldn’t stop them until a report was sent to Darius, so that they could receive written instructions about this matter. Ezra 5:5

As soon as the Jewish people started rebuilding the temple, they met fierce opposition from their enemies. These evil people brought false accusations against God’s people and caused the king to put a stop to their progress. The prophets Haggai and Zechariah were used by God to strengthen the Jews so they resumed the building. Even though their enemies tried to stop them again, God was watching over their progress and brought the truth to the surface. The king ended up helping the rebuilding with the materials needed, as well as the required animals for the offerings. The king even went as far as passing a law that protected them from ever being assaulted again! If anyone dared to interfere with their work, that person would be executed and his household destroyed. This story is such a powerful reminder that God watches over our spiritual progress. He might allow opposition but He will come through to defend and deliver us. His eye is on you today and nothing will happen without His permission! When He moves, nations make way before Him.

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