A moment of stillness (25).

Bad things happen to good people.

Indeed, you have instructed many and have strengthened weak hands. Job 4:3

Nobody is guaranteed a life free of troubles. These words were spoken by Job’s friend, who had a hard time understanding why his friend was suffering. In my own life, the moments that pierced the most were moments in which I was experiencing disaster not necessarily because of sin (though no one is sinless) but precisely upon doing something right. Just like Job, you might be the one that always went the extra mile and now you find yourself at a loss of words. Why do bad things happen to good people? We often ask. God’s ways are beyond our understanding and we are not meant to decipher Him but to honour Him no matter what. Let’s remember today that God was not punishing Job for something he had done but was using His life to display His glory. Job had no idea what God was up to. God’s purpose was greater than his loss.

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