A moment of stillness (34).

We cannot fathom God.

Yes, God is exalted beyond our knowledge; the number of his years cannot be counted. Job 36:26

Job’s friends accused him of being evil because of the tragedies of his life. They spat in his face with words and hurt him with their speeches. This verse is part of such speeches but I do agree with the speaker here. God is exalted. He is greater than we can comprehend. He is from everlasting. We can never have God figured out but He has given us everything we need to know about Him in the Bible. We can trust His character because of what He has revealed about Himself to us. Even so, we should never think we have everything figured out. Job’s friends were wrong and we are also wrong when we think we know it all. When we understand our insufficiency, God is exalted. I will take a moment today to find stillness in knowing I serve a God who is above and beyond my understanding.

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