A moment of stillness (45).

Do not seek help from people.

Give us aid against the foe, for human help is worthless. Psalm 60:11

There are times when God places someone in our path to guide and encourage us. We are also called to bear the burdens of one another but did you know that no human can help you the way God does? Yet how often do we run to people and even demand help from them? I know I do. People can’t help us, advice alone can’t help us. God alone can provide real help for us. His help is what we truly need, it is complete and flawless. David had many foes and even though he had great armies at his disposal, he knew that human help is never enough. When the enemy of your soul roars, don’t turn your back to God in fear and resentment. Turn your face toward Him and pray for help. Be still today friend, God will come through!!!

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