A moment of stillness (46).

All your prayers are heard.

All humanity will come to you, the one who hears prayer. Psalm 65:2

Not one of your prayers goes unheard. Even the prayers you don’t pray out loud make a sound in the atmosphere of heaven. There are angels of God recording all of your prayers! How often, though, do we feel like we pray in vain. God always hears prayer and we are called to come before God knowing that He is listening. Another dimension of prayer that I’m tapping into more is praying in the Holy Spirit or speaking in tongues. This builds us up and it is a prayer that always agrees with God. We are weak and don’t often know how to pray but The Spirit of God is always there to help us. Pray with your own words, pray in tongues if you have received the gift of the Holy Spirit, pray to receive it if your haven’t, but whatever you do- pray. Take a moment of stillness and pray an honest prayer today! Make it simple but sincere. Praise God that everyone can come before Him! He hears your prayer.

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