A moment of stillness (47).

Let go of bitterness.

For I have endured insults because of you, and shame has covered my face. Psalm 69:7

Anyone who desires to live a truly righteous life will endure opposition. Christ endured many insults and we are not greater than our Master- we will have to endure the same. When we are insulted, things are being spoken about us that are not true and this causes a deep sense of shame to wash over us. Shame is the sister of bitterness and it will start demanding space in our hearts soon enough. God doesn’t want us to experience this shame caused by insults for His Name because it is the very work of the enemy. Satan wants to keep us from living in our God-given destiny because he knows bitterness will rob you of the strength to walk boldly. God allows these insults not so we can experience shame and then bitterness over the experience but to learn how to bear insults without reviling in return. He can use insults and pain for our good. Ask God to help you give it over to Him today and to help you embrace stillness. Entrust yourself in the arms of the One that is just and more than able to defend you. He knows what you endured is serious and He will repay those that insulted you because they insulted Him.

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