A moment of stillness (49).

Do not rebel.

But they continued to sin against him, rebelling in the desert against the Most High. Psalm 78:17

Every Christian will experience the wilderness at some point in their lives. Maybe once, maybe more than once, depending on the individual and God’s plans for that person. The wilderness is a place of complete dependence on God. It’s uncomfortable and it is aimed by God to address the most important aspects of our walk with Him. Our tendency is to rebel when we find ourselves in this desolate place. We hate it. Instead of depending on God we turn against God because things are not going our way. His intention is not to destroy us in the wilderness but to reveal His glory. How are you responding as you walk through the desert of your life? God is with you and He is enough to sustain you and to supply for your every need but you need to trust and obey Him. The wilderness is the perfect place to learn stillness. It is the place where God is ready to manifest His presence like never before. Humble yourself and you will be at rest here.

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