A moment of stillness (50).

You can trust God.

Lord, your testimonies are completely reliable; holiness adorns your house for all the days to come. Psalm 93:5

God’s Word is our absolute Truth. Everything God says is completely reliable because He is holy- He cannot lie. How often do we go about our days based on what we think or feel, when the Word of God should be the authority of our lives. It should be the very thing that sets the atmosphere of our existence. When we live a life of truthfulness, we partake of God because all truth comes from Him. There are moments when we feel like God can’t be trusted, isn’t it? That’s because the lies of the enemy are keeping us from seeing the truth. Sin will cause us to doubt God, not just the vulgar kind but even things like selfishness and pride. Take a moment of stillness today beloved soul, every word of God is completely true. It is your only truth.

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  1. raulmarian says:

    Amen. God bless you!!!

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