A moment of stillness (79).

He will not always be angry.

For I will not accuse you forever, and I will not always be angry; for then the spirit would grow weak before me, even the breath, which I have made. Isaiah 57:16

Our sin accuses us before God. When He is angry with us for the sin in our lives, we will experience His indignation. And suddenly we feel like we are wasting on the inside. It’s excruciating! It’s hard to be under the wrath of God- something people no longer speak about because the notion of sin is almost extinct from our vocabulary. God punishes us out of love because love without justice is not true love. Yet, He doesn’t express the full intent on His wrath towards us because we would simply vanish. God promises not to be angry forever. So, when it seems that He no longer listens to your prayers- admit your shortcoming and wait out His anger.

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