A moment of stillness (89).


Why did I come out of the womb to see only struggle and sorrow, to end my life in shame? Jeremiah 20:18

Jeremiah is one of the people of the Bible that experienced grief, just like you and me. God called Him to prophesy in vain, so to speak, because the people he spoke to only ridiculed and belittled him. Jeremiah ended up regretting that he was ever born. Do you ever struggle with confusion and defeat when the weight of your sorrow seems unbearable? Of when the answer just doesn’t come? I think we know these feelings all too well. God understands our weaknesses and He wants us to trust Him with our hurt. Satan will whisper the lies that God doesn’t care about us and He shouldn’t be trusted. It is in those very moments that we need to resist Him more than ever. Don’t give in to his deadly tricks any longer! Anything that produces defeat or unbelief is a lie fabricated in hell. We are neither victims nor orphans. We are God’s children, even when we cannot understand His ways.

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  1. raulmarian says:

    Amen! God bless you!

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