The danger of the modern.

Are you a blind follower of today’s mainstream culture?

Life in a modernized society carries with it the good as well as the bad. While we are able to experience so many things that people of the past didn’t even dare to dream of, I often wonder whether we haven’t lost more than we had gained.

Today, silence is avoided at all costs and quickly replaced with any kind of outside noise. Some people cannot function without music or the TV always running in the background because they somehow feel odd by the potential of loneliness. Yet, I have seen in my own life how embracing silence made me more aware of the presence of God and it also encouraged me to a deeper way of thinking. Not only is silence abandoned, but we tend to live our lives loudly. What I mean is that we are almost conditioned to make a stir through our online as well as our in-person presence. We no longer know the beauty of a quiet spirit and the peacefulness of a humble attitude. What carries weight before God is not what is attractive to the eyes of most people.

There used to be a time when people spent time face to face in order to build relationships with each other because texting or simply having someone as a ‘friend’ on Facebook does not create the same bond. Now, we find it almost impossible to create a worthwhile conversation with someone because we are no longer used to relating to people that way. People no longer know their own relatives or spouses because technology has taken over their entire existence. They rob themselves of the richness of emotional intimacy with the people that matter most and give their energy and years to meaningless pursuits.

It seems almost impossible to live free of the influences of Instagram or Pinterest because they shout to us constantly through the screen of our phones. Everyone seems to be connected to an invisible network that teaches them how to live their lives, think, act, dress, and speak. It’s as if people are simply expected to be a certain way and anything less than that just doesn’t measure up. We are taught to display a perfect image about ourselves and to invite everyone into every corner of our lives, in the hopes of getting attention. No matter how much this kind of lifestyle promises, it is a sad illusion. This kind of worldly mindset has also permeated the church and is rapidly destroying any kind of godly standard of living.

Though we might sometimes feel alone in our desire to be set-apart from the world, may we find fresh courage in Christ! His ways are timeless and they lead us in the truth.

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  1. I like the song Quiet by Elevation Rhythm on this. It echoes this message perfectly. This is certainly profound. I have seen snippets of this in a number of books on technology. And then there is the Social Dilemma documentary on Netflix. We need to be more present for sure.

    1. Thank you for such a thoughtful comment! I’m happy that you feel the same. May God give us wisdom in all these things!

  2. jesusluvsall says:

    Amen find the courage in Jesus 🙂

  3. Very soulful words ones of truth. I have to have silence, no noise. I must be able to sense use all my senses to feel and hear God and the Divine. If I cannot do this I am not living. Loud and noise for me is intolerable. I have to have quiet. I turn off all notifications on my mobile phone I do not wish to know. I have mind enough to go check things when the time is right. I do not require living in a ping pong environment. Bless you great post.

    1. Thank you for the comment & I completely relate to what you said. Be blessed, friend!

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