A story of what takes place in the heart.

The sun shines warmly through the trees. It is so quiet yet so foreign. It seems like forever ago when she used to take walks and God walked close beside her. The moments were filled with holy echoes of eternity. In those days, the quiet used to have such a way of cradling her soul. She used to feel in the perfect place at the perfect time. No matter what was happening around her, she knew just where to escape. It was her sacred place. Full of old trees that used to hide the rays from the sun between their branches. She felt protected under their majesty. It was a place of solace. Those days are long gone, they have been replaced by lonely days of questioning and searching. Loneliness hides the bitter ache of a soul that feels forgotten.

That was the beginning of her journey. She doesn’t realize that God is up to something even now. He is growing her faith, just like seeds give way to new life in time. She feels hidden and she doesn’t understand why. Her feet are walking dark places. At times she feels so alone, abandoned even. Seeds have to be buried in the ground for them to be activated. They don’t complain in the dark of the earth because that is what they are made for. At just the right time, once the seed dies, a green sprout will slowly begin to appear. From the beginning, the intention of the Sower is for the plant to emerge. All along, He knows exactly what He is doing.

The presence of God is like the sun, still shining even through the darkest clouds. She might not feel Him but He is always there. In her hiddenness, she is growing in humility. It is the soul that treasures obscurity over being seen that truly understands the ways of the Father. When she becomes smaller, He becomes greater in her. When she is lonely, she looks up more often and is fully aware of her insufficiency. As she is dying to herself, Christ will become alive inside of her. There is always a purpose for the dark. Life takes place there. When the day breaks, she will be able to see and will be amazed at the flowers that grew all over her heart!

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  1. Thank you for sharing honestly about life in the shadows, where the deepest and longest lasting growth begins.

  2. Fantastic post reminding us that God is always there and is waiting for us to be still and connect with Him. Thank you.

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