God’s intent for marriage.

Looking at singleness with the right eyes.

I fondly remember being single. The book of Ecclesiastes is truly right, there really is a time for everything, but that doesn’t mean singleness is easy. I’ve been there. During the single years, there is a constant ache for companionship, no matter how much you try to cover it up. For most of us, God has marriage in mind, and the waiting period before that can easily feel unbearable. It’s a time for maturation on so many levels, especially our spiritual life. We need to first and foremost find our fulfillment in God. Only by coming to know God as our First Love will we be able to truly love our other half. It is so important for us to have a pure and sincere relationship with God well before marriage. As we seek to flee compromise in our walk with God, we are actually training to be faithful spouses.

One aspect that I understood more clearly after getting married is that we are always in preparation for the next chapter on our life’s journey. Our wedding day, though so precious and so important, is not the end of our preparation. Even after we share our lives with our beloved, we are constantly getting ready for what God has for us next- now as a couple. Marriage is the garden in which our souls are pruned a lot more deeply than before. It is a sacred place, a holy union, a molding of two lives together. It takes a lifetime to create a perfect unity and to learn what it means to truly reflect the love between Christ and His Bride, the Church. In marriage, we learn how to be selfless and to live for the happiness of another. There are few things more noble than learning how to love unconditionally. We will need to rely on God to teach us to love His way because our human love has a way of dwindling over time.

God’s dreams for your future are more beautiful than your most breathtaking dreams! He is also faithful to orchestrate the events of our lives in such a way that we will live out His purposes for us if we remain faithful to Him. Waiting for God in the area of romance, and any other area for that matter, is always worth it because He will never disappoint you! As beautiful as a wedding can be- full of anticipation, beauty, and sacredness- it is only a faint glimmer of God’s intent for our lives. He loves us with an eternal love and wants us and our spouses to be fully His, living our lives to further His kingdom. A godly marriage is so hard to find these days but that should never stop you from trusting God for one! He alone can make it a reality in your life.

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