Miracles still happen today!

The testimony of my healing.

In the beginning of December of last year, I went to the dentist for a tooth extraction. The procedure was much more complicated than the dentist initially anticipated but I was looking forward to the recovery. It seemed like things were looking up but after a few weeks, I noticed that I had an oozing coming form the extraction site, which was strange because I thought it was beginning to close up. I found out that I was dealing with an infection. I was prescribed antibiotics but it took a few weeks for them to work. The discharge was so hard to deal with because I needed to keep something there constantly so I wouldn’t get it into my mouth. The smell and the taste were so very awful. After a few weeks when I thought that everything was better, I got another infection. The pus (sorry to be so graphic) was pushing on the enclosed tissue and wanting to burst from the inside of where my tooth used to be. The dentist told me she suspected that something was wrong and referred me to a specialist. I was sent to get a detailed scan of my mouth and waited a few weeks for the result. During this time I knew something was really wrong because I was getting very strange sensations in my sinus. I would get a very bad smell inside my nose and the feeling that I was very congested. There was also a great amount of discharge coming out of my nose this time. It quickly took over my everyday life, affecting my ability to function normally. I had to blow my nose almost constantly and I found it hard to fall asleep at night because the pus would thicken and make its way straight down my throat, making me feel trapped inside my own body. It was hard to breathe and to swallow. There was a constant pressure in my head and the never-ending discharge was scary to say the least. The specialist looked over the scan and told me I had a big perforation in my sinus and that it was severely infected. He also said that I needed to have surgery where they would put me out to clean my sinus and take a bit of the fat from my cheek in order to close up the perforation. I was told that if I didn’t get the surgery, I would continue to have infections because the perforation will not close up. On that day, I told God that I needed Him to heal me because I couldn’t imagine going through the surgery after everything I’ve been through since the extraction. I was scared but there was a real sense of peace and an awareness of God’s promise to be my Healer. I was praying constantly, crying out to God to heal me. How hard it was! The infection was oozing all the time, causing me to get so much pressure in my head, headaches, affecting everything I was doing. It was always pressing down on me, threatening to overwhelm me completely. Many times, I found it hard to breathe because of the discharge that had accumulated in my chest. It bowed me down literally and figuratively. Yesterday, the infection was at its highest and I felt extremely sick because of it but I continued to persist in prayer, thanking God that He will heal me. My husband also fought alongside me and my mother, praying for me fervently. Last night, after such a hard day, I could finally sleep and breathe normally. I woke up in the morning and saw that the mucus looked a lot less infected when I blew my nose as usual. Throughout the day today, the discharge completely stopped! My nose started feeling decongested, completely clean, and whole! I had forgotten what it means to breathe easily and for my nose and head to feel light again! I am overwhelmed by such a huge miracle!!! It’s hard to put into words just how much relief and joy this has brought to my heart…God still heals today!

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  1. Briana Nei says:

    Praise the Lord- this sickness was for the glory of God!

  2. How wonderful that you are healing! ❤

  3. meghanewhite says:

    Praise God for your healing!

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