Rest for your soul.

The practice of being quiet in the presence of God.

This world is so loud. There is so much busyness and toil on a daily basis. Our lives have a way of tiring ourselves out and our soul often feels exhausted. It is good to rest physically when we need it but we should also seek rest for our souls by being still in the presence of God.

We need moments of quietness daily. For some, it means taking a walk and listening to God, while for others it means kneeling before Him in silence. There are many ways in which we can purposefully quiet our soul. The key is turning our gaze heavenward as we look away from the world, ourselves, or anything that is fighting for our attention. The Bible makes it clear that Jesus had moments where He would withdraw from the crowds because He needed to fix His entire being on God. Our souls find clarity and peace when we step away from the world so we, too, can be with our Heavenly Father. We will undoubtedly encounter the healing our souls and even bodies need when we sit still in His presence.

It’s not easy to tell your soul to be still in the world we live in and it doesn’t come naturally to us but it is possible. Maybe you’re a busy mother or a person whose body is ravaged by a disease or even someone who hasn’t felt peace in a long time, but you too, can experience God’s quieting deep within your soul if you take time to listen quietly for His voice.

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  1. Eternity says:

    Thanks for following my site; you are very kind.

  2. oneta hayes says:

    He is present when one is ready to enter this quiet time with him. Purposefully quiet one’s soul – good thought.

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