Falling in love with God.

A life of ardent communion.

When we first encountered Christ, most of us exploded with passion for Him, but as time went by, the flame that once burned so bright within our souls became but a small flicker. Some people will be quick to tell us that we simply cannot remain always in love with God and that a lack of passion is normal. Yet, from Genesis to Revelation, God is constantly calling His people to make Him their First Love. When we think of our relationship with God, we often think in human terms but our covenant with Him in not based on human standards but on divine ones. God expects us to love Him passionately all of our lives because He knows that He is able to keep the flame burning brightly within our hearts as long as we yearn for Him alone.

God deserves to be loved wholeheartedly, above all else. When our heart becomes divided and we give to other loves the place that was rightfully God’s, we will no longer burn with passion for Him. The sad thing is that we often don’t realize that our heart has shifted. God often allows us to experience pain and disappointment in order to make us return back to Him. Some people think that passion is not a requirement in their relationship with God, thinking that God has special people that live passionately for Him. Did you know that a fervent walk with the Lord is not an option but a requirement? From of old, God commanded His people to love Him with their entire being, something I am sure you can easily recall. Giving God a portion of our lives keeps our relationship with Him shallow and cold. We are missing out on so much when we hold back from Him. Pursuing God passionately has brought so much fulfillment into my life. Even though it has been hard at times, I have never regretted giving God my entire heart. I am learning each day what it means to pursue Him above everything else. He has been so faithful to draw me back into His arms when I strayed away from Him and the beauty of His nearness is better than life itself.

We are called to live our entire lives in ardent communion with God. It’s not always easy, I know, and satan fights His fiercest battles in the arena of our heart. Yet, if we are willing, God truly is able to help us stay in love with Him. As we discover more and more of Him, we will simply fall deeper and deeper in love with Him!

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  1. You captured so much so eloquently. Beautiful and true!

  2. Very wise and true words. Beautifully said. Amen!

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