Don’t give up in the middle of the fight!

Life itself is a fight. In the spiritual realm, we are also on a constant battleground, and we often long for breakthrough in one area or another. Our spiritual progress can seem excruciatingly slow when we are going through a season where we cannot see any progress or if the fight only seems to intensify. How weary and burdened our souls can feel sometimes, without any hope in sight! The truth is, there is always something happening in the spiritual realm and if you’re doing your part of seeking God despite what is happening in or around you, you will experience breakthrough!

God calls us to perseverance. He also wants us to be specific in our prayers and to come before Him in all sincerity. Breakthrough doesn’t just happen, we need to ask God for victory and to bring our lives under the authority of His Word. God can change things in an instant! He is able to give you breakthrough mentally, emotionally, physically, and in any way you might need it. All things are subject to His command. A word uttered by God can change everything! Are you in a season of spiritual dryness? Is there a stronghold you just can’t seem to overcome? What is the giant you are currently facing? Whatever breakthrough you need, God is able and wants to answer you. Let go of everything that hinders your walk with Him- every sin, every bit of darkness, every work of the flesh, and let your desperation feed your pursuit of God! You will receive your breakthrough!

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