A moment of stillness (35).

Humbled by God’s power. The earth is changed as clay is by a seal; its hills stand out like the folds of a garment. Job 38:14 In chapter 38 of Job, God begins answering him after a very long silence. He showcases His work in vivid colours and paints a picture of His vantage point….

A moment of stillness (31).

The greatness of God. These are but the fringes of his ways; how faint is the word we hear of him! Who can understand his mighty thunder? Job 26:14 Creation reveals but a tiny degree of God’s unexplainable greatness. We cannot fathom the majesty of God but that should cause us to relate to Him…

The higher life.

When the power of God invades your existence. I used to live a life of defeat. I know what fear and anxiety feel like and what it’s like to see your life through the lens of despair. Though God would often show me the beauty of His power in glorious ways, He has also brought […]

For the weary of heart.

The secret to choosing hope over despair. It’s so easy to melt into defeat. As much as the world we live in tries to escape from the limitations of being human by shifting the focus to ourselves- making ourselves look better by  wearing a certain makeup or sculpting our bodies by going to the gym-…

Simple obedience.

Unlocking the power of God’s Word. I used to complicate things when it came to understanding wisdom. My tendency was to shy away from the truth that I could live in the power and blessing of obedience now, and this was because there were too many voices whispering inside my heart. For most people, the…