A moment of stillness (31).

The greatness of God.

These are but the fringes of his ways; how faint is the word we hear of him! Who can understand his mighty thunder? Job 26:14

Creation reveals but a tiny degree of God’s unexplainable greatness. We cannot fathom the majesty of God but that should cause us to relate to Him with the highest respect possible. The only posture appropriate before such a God is that of humility and awe. God doesn’t owe us anything and why should we feel entitled to understanding Him? We are so caught up in our small lives here on earth that we forget just how big God is! Job’s friends were speaking with such arrogance thinking they have God figured out but Job humbled himself before Him. What a beautiful reaction for a man that was suffering such great injustice! When we hear the sound of a thunder we usually start feeling smaller immediately but that is just a glimpse of God’s power. Take a moment to be still today as you contemplate the vastness, power, and sovereignty of God. You will start to look smaller and smaller in your eyes.

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