A moment of stillness (30).

The darkness will not overtake you.

Yet I am not destroyed by the darkness, by the thick darkness that covers my face. Job 23:17

Sometimes life feels like a raging tornado. Job felt perplexed by the chaos that surrounded him. He fought defeat a million times. The amazing thing, though, is that in the midst of such thick darkness, He felt safe. He couldn’t see anything but pitch black but he realised that he will not be destroyed. One translation says, that he was not silenced. The enemy wants to silence us when we travel through the nights of life but they are precisely the place where we realise how secure we are in God. Doubt is the only force that can steal our sense of security but even doubt can never snatch us out of God’s hand! Can you believe it? Take a moment to hush your heart today. He is God in the midst of your darkness.

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