A moment of stillness (8).

The God of breakthrough.

So the Israelites went up to Baal-perazim, and David defeated the Philistines there. Then David said, “Like a bursting flood, God has used me to burst out against my enemies.” Therefore, they named that place The Lord Bursts Out. 1 Chronicles 14:11

Baal-perazim means “Lord of breaking through.” I just love that! Breakthrough is what God does best and David was amazed to see God’s victory against the Philistines as He literally ‘broke through’ his enemies. In the Christian life, satan places many obstacles in our way because he is in the business of blocking our progress in order to thwart God’s plans in our lives. Sometimes we are responsible for engaging in the battle with darkness, while other times, God allows a battle in order to fortify us and to show us that He is the God of breakthrough. Whatever the case, God wants to give us victory and to bless us with a greater awareness of His power to deliver. Is there an area in your life where you just feel ‘stuck’? Like there is a stronghold, a blockage? God wants to give you breakthrough but you will need to come against the powers of darkness in His Name just like David did. You are called to experience breakthrough!

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