A moment of stillness (12).

Privileged to stand in His presence.

But will God indeed live on earth with humans? Even heaven, the highest heaven, cannot contain you, much less this temple I have built. 2 Chronicles 6:18

When faced with stillness, we are tempted to give in to the many thoughts that compete for our attention. I have recently truly come to understand the blessedness of quieting my soul before God by concentrating on Him alone. It doesn’t come naturally, it takes a focused effort but it is so worth it! Solomon understood God’s greatness when faced with the task of building a temple for Him. The only proper position when we come to God is that of humbly exalting Him for His majesty. No matter what our circumstances scream at us! Let us never feel entitled to our time with God but receive prayer as the greatest privilege to come before the only true God. Start your prayer by listening to Him.

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