A moment of stillness (14).

He defends those who are His.

“For the eyes of the Lord roam throughout the earth to show himself strong for those who are wholeheartedly devoted to him. You have been foolish in this matter. Therefore, you will have wars from now on.” 2 Chronicles 16:9

This verse is part of a story about a king who relied on humans instead of relying on God. The eyes of God see the whole earth but He desires to come to the rescue of those that love Him and truly depend on Him. God wants us to seek help from Him alone when faced with situations that are out of our control, not to seek help from humans. Sometimes, the impossibility in front of us is something that we are facing alone and even if we tried to explain it to someone, they wouldn’t understand. God’s eyes see us and He is waiting to see whether we will rely on Him or try to do it ourselves. Take a moment to admit your need for God to do the impossible and ask Him to do it. He will!

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