A moment of stillness (23).

Favoured by God.

The king extended the gold scepter toward Esther, so she got up and stood before the king. Esther 8:4

Queen Esther received favour from the king. The story of Esther holds a special place in my heart but as we come across it one more time, let’s look beyond the human characters and try to understand a deeper truth. We are favoured by God because of Christ. The king in this true ancient story is a mere symbol for the King of the universe, God. May we boldly ask the King to grant us deliverance from the forces of darkness that try to destroy the sacred in our lives. We are called to come before the throne of grace with the very burden that weights so heavily upon our hearts and to trust that our King will listen to us. It is in His power to give us the relief we so desperately need. Use this time of stillness to bring your cry before God.

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