A moment of stillness (36).

Justice is the Lord’s.

After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes and doubled his previous possessions. Job 42:10

God was angry at the way Job’s friends spoke about Him. He asked Job to pray for them that He might not deal with them according to justice. Job prayed. I’m sure this was both humbling and exalting for Job. God listened to him and also restored his life from a desolate misery to the greatest abundance. God also gave him double than what He had given him before and his latter days were more glorious than the first part of his life. God knows how to bring about justice and He doesn’t leave anything unfinished. You might be wondering if God will work justice on your behalf and my answer to you is- He will! Keep trusting Him and acknowledging that He is just in the midst of your injustice. Forgive those that wronged you, pray for them and watch as God restores all the broken places of your life. He will pay you back with a double portion for the injustices you suffered!!!

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