A moment of stillness (53).

Hanging by a thread.

My life is constantly in danger, yet I do not forget your instruction. Psalm 119:109

Did you ever feel like your life was constantly being attacked by the enemy? Like the more you prayed, the more the battle intensified? The writer of this Psalm was constantly in danger but he did not forget to remain obedient. This Psalm is about the power of God’s Word in the midst of fierce opposition. It seems like the more he loved God’s Word, the more he was in danger with the enemy. Don’t discourage when the battle seems to only intensify! You go back again and again to God’s Word and He will take you into a broad place for your soul to breathe. The secret is this: when your life is severely threatened by satan, instead of turning from God in doubt- turn towards Him! You can never be more still than when you are standing on the firmness of His Word!!!

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