A moment of stillness (58).

The secret of favor.

The Lord shows favor to those who fear him, to his godly lovers who wait for his tender embrace. Psalm 147:11 (TPT)

God wants us to respect Him. To respect means to honor, to fear. He also wants us to wait for His tender embrace. I love this translation! I often wonder how to receive God’s favor because it’s all that matters. It’s good to have favor with those around you but we should always desire God to favor us above everyone else. If you have His favor, you can live without the favor of people. If you lack His favor but have favor from everyone else, you cannot truly live. So, the secret is to fear and wait. I think fearing is easier than waiting, isn’t it? Waiting simply means to be still. To be patient until the answer comes. To listen rather than speak in His presence. It’s the hard part of favor. God saves His most tender embrace for those that respect Him and are patient as He works out His ways.

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