A moment of stillness (60).

Sorrow can be a good thing.

For with much wisdom is much sorrow; as knowledge increases, grief increases. Ecclesiastes 1:18

We shy away from sorrow and turn our faces from grief. The more we know, the more we suffer in this world but how can this be encouraging? Sometimes God chooses our lives for a special purpose and we are so grateful. As time wears on, however, we become burdened by the fact that we feel alone in this calling and everyone seems to be going the opposite direction. It’s hard staying true to wisdom in your own life- what you know God is calling you to do based on what He revealed to you. Be encouraged today! You might be mocked for obeying the call of wisdom but it is worth any grief. As long as you have God, you might have sorrow but you have the greatest treasure on earth. Don’t let go of wisdom.

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